7th September 2020

Dear Supplier

We fully appreciate the current world we all operate within and the unprecedented impact we have all experienced with Covid. If that wasn’t enough to make trying to navigate a business through uncertain times, we also have the issue of what service and supply may look like with regards a potential no deal scenario, tariffs, extra documentation with Brexit looming from the January 1st 2021.

We have to be honest this the last thing we all need during a Pandemic but we have been approached by a key customer seeking answers for what plan we have in place and hence it prompted this letter. As we see yourselves as a valued supplier, we are writing to you to determine what Brexit contingency plans you have in place to as best enable the continuation of ‘a new normal’ supply. We seek clarification on the following;

  • Are you stock building/planning extra production above normal year end levels?
  • Do you need forecasts from us for the above increased production/supply planning? If so when do you need this information so we can meet your targets?
  • How are you preparing for the potential impact of duty/tariff increases post the 31st December deadline ie. have you hedged currency and/or contracted prices post this date?
  • Are you looking into AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) or even ‘CFSP’ status and bonded warehouses away from ports? Do you have current EORI/TSP numbers to be able to import?
  • Are you in discussions with key freighters, both land and sea, and how they are preparing for either contingencies ie No deal and how they can process DIY duty declarations etc?

Like everyone else because of the amount of uncertainty surrounding everything in the world at present it is imperative we work collaboratively to help best plan for at least parts of this event and try to mitigate major issues before they unfold.

We are engaging with a large section of our suppliers over the next couple of weeks to get the best view possible of what we are looking for and similarly you from us. If you have a designated team/person working on this please get them to respond to the questions asked to Brexit@wmcclure.co.uk.


Matthew McClure
Managing Director
W McClure Ltd