Keith’s Grand Adventure

Recently Keith and his friends decided to cycle the L’Avenue Verte, which   was launched to coincide with the 2012 Olympics which went from London to Paris.


The English section from London to Newhaven is not yet fully developed therefore they decided to start in Dieppe and cycle to Paris………Their personal challenge was to also cycle back to Dieppe from Paris………in 7 days they cycled a total of 325 miles, averaging just over 46 miles per day. On their longest day they cycled 65 miles.


There were 4 Adventurers including our own Keith McClure, with Geoff White, Roy Welford & Duncan McLean.  None of them are in the first flush of youth! 3 were 68 and Keith Celebrated his 78th birthday during the trip. None of them had electric bike!

From Dieppe they cycled to Gournay-en-Bray and then to Boisemont. From Boisemont they cycled to Versaille where we stayed for 2 nights. On Friday the 9th of September they cycled into Paris through the various royal parks. Their first port of call was to visit the British Embassy because the Queen had died the previous day……..When they were there, they witnessed the French President’s motorcade arriving and leaving the embassy.


Paris has now developed a very good cycling infrastructure and cycling through the city was found to be quite easy and safe. You can travel quite a long way on a bicycle in a short space of time therefore they were able to visit several famous landmarks.

On Saturday the 10th of September they left Versaille and headed to Vernon, near Monet’s Garden at Giverny……..This was the day they cycled 65 miles.


….and then back to Dieppe for the ferry.


Hills, rain, long days, taking the occasional wrong turn but what and adventure!

I am sure we would all like to be able to do this when we are 78!  Well done Keith and friends.

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