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Devon based Luscombe drinks produce a stunning range of 28 premium soft drinks, including organic fruit juices, crushes, bubblies and sparkling fruit waters, plus a traditional organic Devon cider, and has recently launched a range of Devon tonic waters. Between them, the delicious Luscombe Drinks have 73 Great Taste awards.

Obsession is Luscombe Drinks’ secret ingredient. It’s what drives them to source exceptional organic fruit and create award-winning soft drinks. Every step receives their undivided and uncompromising attention.

Since 1087 the Luscombe estate where it all started for Luscombe Drinks has been a hive of farming activity, with the farm making an appearance in the dooms day book. The Luscombe family left the farm around 1750, and it wasn’t for another two centuries that the current owner, Julian David, opened the next chapter in the Luscombe story. Julian relished the opportunity to rejuvenate Luscombe’s cider pressing heritage, and continued the tradition, selling freshly pressed drinks from the farm gate. Production increased over the years and, in 1983, Luscombe cider earned first prize and the Reserve Champion Award at the Devon County Show.

 In 1997, Gabriel David returned from a spell in Sicily, to join his father in the family business. Inspired to bring home the evocative flavours of his travels, he began crafting classic English soft drinks and juices from organic ingredients. Every drink was – and still is today – entirely free from concentrates, additives, preservatives, colourings, artificial flavourings or enhancers.

The range of drinks is ever increasing and so are the number of awards, with a total of 73 great taste awards, Luscombe prides itself on only bottling the best. Many of the drinks have numerous accolades and are renowned for their natural taste and high fruit content.


Cool & Stormy

Glass: Crystal Rocks Glass

Method: Build & Stir

How to do it: Build first 4 ingredients with ice in the glass, stir well and add Luscombe Cool Ginger Beer. Garnish with a fan of fresh ginger

Ice: Ice Cubes


50ml Havana Club Especial

15ml Lime Juice

5ml Vanilla Syrup

Dash Angostura Bitters

Top up with 100ml Luscombe Cool Ginger Beer




Elderflower & Apple Cooler

 Glass: Large Highball

Method: Build & Stir

How to do it: Dissolve agave in lime juice in bottom of the glass, add ice cubes, fill in with rest of the ingredients, stir well and garnish with raspberry, mint and apple fan.

Ice: Ice Cubes


100ml Luscombe Wild Bubbly Elderflower

100ml Devon Apple Juice

10ml Fresh Lime

1 bar spoon Agave Syrup


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  1. Please is it possible to buy Luscombe ginger beer from you (cool and fiery). I live in Kirkby Lonsdale. Think you may do delivery to KL during pandemic?

    1. Hi Hilary
      Sorry for the late response, please call Customer Service on 015394 42636 and they will be able to help.

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