Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains® is a ground-breaking British company owned by Ecozone® Ltd. Simeon, the Founder & CEO, launched Moving Mountains® with a mission to bring real, radical change beyond the cleaning industry. 

The parent company has been active with plant-based cleaning for over 17 years and has the seal of approval through bodies such as Cruelty-Free International & The Vegan Society. Now, the company is leading plant-based innovation in to imagined territory with the UK’s first ever meatless bleeding burger.









The company name is a big, bold and powerful metaphor that maps to the brand’s massive and seemingly impossible goal of living in harmony on a sustainable planet, as well as a daily affirmation in the form of plant-based food and human health. Together, we can build a better world. Together we can move mountains.

Moving Mountains® is developing further plant-based meat products, with delicious innovation that is set to disrupt consumer buying habits.

Moving Mountains® have created plant-based meat that requires less land, less water and produces less greenhouse emissions than what comes from producing a regular portion of animal meat. Starting with The Moving Mountains® Burger.

A popular meat substitute, aimed at the UK’s 22 million Flexitarian market not just at Vegetarians and Vegans. Simply put, Flexitarian’s are meat lovers who have mixed feelings about their overall meat consumption but who ultimately err on the side of taste and practicality. 


In each Burger there is 100% of the daily recommended intake of B12 in each MM Burger, which is the same if not more as would be found in a regular beef burger of the same size (113.5g ¼ pounder).

MM use state of the art technology that together with the B12, gives a meaty taste like no other burger. It does not use genetically-modified Heme or other ingredients as this would not be permitted for sale in the E.U.


To find out more about Moving Mountains® check out the website

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