Northern Bloc

Loved by some of the best chefs throughout the UK, Northern Bloc delivers an innovative no compromise Ice Cream to the food service market.
Our all natural recipes are studied down to the molecular level to ensure no artificial stabilisers or emulsifiers are ever required. The range of quirky flavours are developed and made by world renowned ice cream maker and scientist Manolo Imperatori. With over 100 years of Family history in traditional Italian ice cream making in his blood, Manolo has dedicated the last 10 years to the development of an innovative vegetable based fibre which we use in our modern ice cream recipes. This ingredient, exclusive to us allows us to make ice cream that is:
• Easy to scoop straight from the freezer but has a slow melt rate
• Super smooth in texture
• Lower in fat and sugar
• Gluten free & egg free


Our products are an ice cream/gelato hybrid with a lower air content than other commercial ice creams, they are made from the best quality, responsibly sourced, natural ingredients and are available in unique scooping flavour combinations most of which have been specifically created for the food service industry and are not available in retailers.

NEW for 2018!

Britain is more vegan-friendly than ever. About 1% of the UK population is vegan, and yet more go for a flexitarian diet for health, ethical or environmental reasons. We believe if consumers want to or need to choose a dairy-free diet, they shouldn’t have to compromise. That’s where the new vegan Northern Bloc range comes in, allowing chefs and restaurants to provide an all-natural, great tasting ice cream for everyone.

Our Vegan range has been two years in the making and only with the evolution of science, technology and ingredients did we feel it was ready. It was essential that the new vegan range embodied everything our core range stands for; great tasting, indulgent textures and bold favours using only responsibly-sourced, natural ingredients, never anything artificial.
Launched in March 2018 our new Vegan range is available in 500ml and 2.5ltr in four delicious flavours: Strawberry & Yuzu, Chocolate & Orange Blossom, Hazelnut & Rose and Peanut Chip.











LITTLE BLOC – our innovative range of natural ice creams for kids made with no refined sugar…
Little Bloc was created specifically with children in mind as a treat that was both indulgent and pure as well as healthy, high quality, and high in calcium. The Little Bloc range is available in three milk based scooping flavours that kids know and love. Each of the Little Bloc flavours are:
• Made with no refined sugar
• Less than 100 kcals per 100ml tub
• All natural. Additive free. Contain nothing artificial
• Gluten free & egg free

Follow the link below to visit our Website and try out some yummy recipe ideas using our Ice Cream

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