New Products

Some people get all the luck! As part of our ongoing drive to prioritise locally sourced and speciality produce as well as sourcing everyday essentials to save you money our dedicated (and fortunate) team the two Bens, Graham, Rob, Sam and Stewart are the Taste Testers who decide which new produce becomes part of the range.

A Keen Eye for Seasonal and Local Produce

For us, the future development of our region is paramount, being an advocate for unusual produce allows us to promote the vibrant place we live and work as well as providing you with the very best from our region.  Each of the team has their own penchant for seasonal and local produce and they meet regularly to review and introduce new lines for you. They have championed local produce such as condiment kings Hawkshead Relish who are now household names. We are proud to say we were there at the beginning of their journey.  Find out which new delights the team have added recently.

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