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The day Shed 1 Distillery stole our hearts:

Gin. Gin. Gin. Who doesn’t love gin? Right now, gin is having its revival and customers are all the more aware of a good drop when they drink it. The tasting day when Shed 1 brought their small batch gin (which really is distilled in a shed in Ulverston) to us was a cracker. The team sat round and it’s fair to say the tasting was a particularly enjoyable one! Shed 1 describe their gin as “smooth enough to be sipped, bold enough to be mixed” and who are we to argue? The quality in their range sings out, big flavoured but well balanced. We were impressed with just how darn drinkable their spirits are; expertly blended botanicals chime together with just enough edge to be interesting.

Shed 1 has three gins (one really isn’t enough when you’ve tried this artisan spirit) and they’re all available through us…

Cuckold’s Revenge – This is a classic base of juniper and coriander balanced with cardamom and star anise, rounded with fresh orange and lemon zest with a hint of cinnamon.

Giggle in the Ginnel – Juniper and coriander is broadened with a mix of angelica, star anise, nutmeg, almond and lime flower. Married with elderberries and fresh orange zest which gives a soft, yet complex finish.

Fancy Frolic –  A summery mix of ginger, strawberries and three types of lime: petals, leaf and fresh zest

Try Some…!

Each batch is produced in their Ulverston shed, and imaginatively named depending on the story behind its creation. We are lucky to have such a quality product right on our doorstep and it would be criminal not to try this twist on a classic G&T this summer. We think this works particularly well with Giggle in the Ginnel.

Shed 1 Gin for the Perfect G&T

50ml (or more depending how strong you like it!)
A couple of sprigs of fresh mint
A thick slice of cucumber
Your favourite tonic (we like Fentimans or Lamb & Watt which you can also buy at McClures – wink wink)
Mint and cucumber to garnish

Place the gin, mint and cucumber pieces in the bottom of a cocktail shaker or glass jug, and stir for a minute, give the mint and cucumber a good bash so they release their refreshing flavours. Strain into a tall thin tumbler containing a couple of ice cubes, top with tonic. Garnish with mint and cucumber.

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