SOSA Innovation Day 2016

Everyone loved Bake Off, Foodies love Crème de la Crème.  Fans of the show will instantly recognise one of last years winners, the very talented Samantha Rain. In October we were lucky enough to be joined by Samantha in the demo kitchens of Kendal College for our SOSA Innovation Day.  We invited some of our customers to join us at this hands-on workshop, learning new techniques and how to get the very best out of their modern ingredients. Samantha Rain was there to enlighten, teach and inspire us all. And boy did she! No wonder her quirky takes on classics and impeccable standards wowed judges including Benoit Blin from Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons, Cherish Finden of The Langham and Claire Clarke MBE. It was an honour to learn from such a gifted and driven young woman. Samantha has a deep understanding of food, ingredients (particularly chocolate) and importantly the challenges today’s chefs face. The culinary world moves quickly, cutting edge techniques and ingredients can help transform food and take it to a new level. The new standard for food and chefs is tough; in a world where peoples’ phones are flooded with foody images and Trip Advisor reigns supreme, the pressure to be ahead of the game is at an all time high.  To learn gastronomic techniques from the very best was a true privilege. Samantha took the team through two intensive sessions;

Molecular Gastronomy
Blue Cheese Jellies – tangy and rich in flavour
Balsamic Ribbons – silky, sweet and acidic
Mango and Passionfruit Foams – light, but pack a fruity punch
Goats Cheese Pannacotta  – savoury, smooth and refreshing

Chocolate Working
Chocolate Caviars – like chocolate, only better
Chocolate Foams –  foamy, chocolaty, seriously what’s not to like!
Mint Chocolate Rocks –  crumbly crunchy minty mouthfuls of JOY!

Using fresh fruit, vegetables and a truck load of choccy we also worked with many SOSA ingredients. These are truly the essentials for chefs on their molecular gastronomy journeys.

We’d love to see pictures of your food using SOSA ingredients; have you experimented with any recently? Did your idea work out? Have you introduced anything new to your menu? We’d love to know, you can share comments and pictures below.

If you need to learn your gels from your pearls or your coals from your ashes then speak to your account manager.

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