Vegware: Packaging made from plants, not plastic

Edinburgh-based Vegware is the global specialist in plant-based compostable foodservice packaging. Its award-winning packaging is made from renewable, lower carbon or recycled materials, and designed to be composted with food waste where accepted.

It all started with a spoon.  

Vegware’s founder and CEO, Joe Frankel, initially found inspiration for the company when working in California, one day his wife returned home from the farmers’ market with a spoon she had used to sample yoghurt. Joe admired it, his wife shared it was made from corn and potato starch. This sparked a whole train of ideas within Joe, and he returned to Edinburgh to establish Vegware in 2006.

Today Vegware’s range of 300+ products includes cutlery, hot and cold cups, tableware, and takeaway boxes. The company has operational bases in the UK, USA, Australia and Hong Kong, with distribution throughout Europe, the Middle East and Caribbean.

12oz Brown Kraft Hot Cups

Cups made from sustainably sourced board and lined with plant-based PLA, not plastic. Great for any on-the-go hot drinks such as tea or coffee.

12oz Standard PLA Cold Cups

Strong and light. Perfect for cold drinks, salads, and snacks. Made from PLA, a sustainable, renewable plant-based material. Features the green stripe printed with the message ‘made from plants not plastic’ to promote your eco credentials.

7” x 5” Bagasse Clamshells

Compostable hinged takeaway boxes made from recycled sugarcane. Sturdy and practical for hot and cold use. Because bagasse is a natural material, hot food won’t sweat inside them.

No. 3 Food Carton 1800ml

Versatile kraft board carton with a compostable grease-resistant lining. Leak-proof webbed corners and fold in flaps provide a secure closure. Perfect for pies or pasta.

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